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Los Angeles-based entertainer

Nice to meet you,

I'm Andy

I am an actor, lover, and adventure seeker. With some Billy Joel blasting through my headphones, I walk each step like I can take on the world. Life is about the important moments: the epic and life-changing mixed with the simple and soft. I’m constantly chasing these moments, and these moments are what I attempt to capture through my art. Adopting the Tom Brady “laser focus” mentality, I wake up every day hungry for a new challenge, project, or maybe some eggs. 


I played Romeo senior year of high school…and every day for the rest of my life. I’m a big hearted romantic who’s known for developing intimate connections with people both on-screen and off. As a recent graduate of UCLA’s school of Theater Film and Television, I focused on developing new skills such as filmmaking, modeling, and music production, while rigorously strengthening my acting technique. And as a Texas boy turned LA local, I’ve got my sights set on completing that coveted California triple crown: surf, hike, and ski all in one day.


I have abounding heart in everything I do. Whether I’m frantically watching a Cowboys game, running around with 3 year olds as a camp counselor, going full Sherlock Holmes with my family at an escape room (and annoying my sisters for it), or slugging through the climax of a play for the 5th time at a 1am rehearsal, I both live and perform with vigor, viscerality, and joy.

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